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Benefit From Our Years of Experience

Thank you for your interest in our firm You will discover our vast resources and knowledge are second to none in the financial services industry Whether you are a client with financial needs, or a financial professional looking for a place to grow your career, you are in the right place! 

<strong>Our Vision</strong>

Our Vision

We began Greater Hudson Financial as a dream to help make a difference to our clients. We envisioned a company that could help ensure our clients would make educated financial decisions today to help avoid potentially catastrophic ones in the future. We had a long-term strategy built on diversification with an open architecture allowing financial professionals to have the independence of a boutique firm while affiliating with a large, dynamic and technologically advanced organization. Our vision was to build the most innovative, collaborative and trusted financial solutions firm for our clients and community.

<strong>Our Mission</strong>

Our Mission

Our #1 priority is to provide clarity and direction for our client’s as they make crucial financial decisions for their future. Here at Greater Hudson Financial we strive to be the premier financial services firm in the communities we serve. Our financial professionals have been providing sound financial advice and guidance for over 25 years. Throughout our history, we have had a keen focus on delivering comprehensive solutions to clients’ financial needs in a professional and ethical manner. Helping our clients reach their financial goals and achieve their financial freedom is our mission. We pride ourselves on empowering our clients and communities with information and services to make the best decisions Together we can make a difference in so many people’s lives.

<strong>Our Values</strong>

Our Values

Greater Hudson Financial has achieved much of our success by staying true to our core values. We deeply believe in putting people first and helping them to the best of our ability. Conducting ourselves in an honest, ethical and professional manner is part of the very fiber of our firm that makes us special. Whether you’re a client or an employee, our attention to your specific goals and needs empowers you to make the right decisions to achieve the best outcome in any situation. Critical to our culture is a spirit of teamwork and service, positioning our advisors as the clients’ trusted financial professional and lifelong advocate. These core values combined with a strong commitment to our clients’ well-being guide our decision making and help us impact the lives of those who put their trust in us.

Derek Chan